Student Profile Management

Student Management System Software is coming in to the field again with revolutionary features; the student Management System which we create in Webbitech is consisted of new and innovative script and features, most of the institution nowadays wants to have Student Management System Software most of the workers spend much time in this system, since the institution has many students maintaining the profile of each and every student will be hectic for the institutions. A multipurpose School Management System Software and student information system designed and developed by webbitech makes you easy of handling reports.

In the Student Management System Software the important modules we have is administrator module, student module, parents module and then comes the teachers module, this system will give the institution the complete solution for student profile management, if a institution is getting this School Management System Software they can manage the attendance of the student, schedules and time tables, even the system will consists of a section for complaints. A Student Management System Software that allows you to record and manage all relevant details of students in educational institution.

The main advantage of this Student Management System Software is, with this system the parents can have their own login, by using their login they can view the details about their children, even they can view the progress of their children in the academic and the extracurricular activity criteria. The parents can view the attendance percentage and the feedback of their children, this is very essential for the student sector nowadays. The communication which is through this School Management System Software will be instant and it will be in a very best way, through the admin login we can download the application form for the UG and PG Courses, and the general instructions regarding the application form and the details about filling the form will be explained in a clear and crisp way, the person who get in to the login will get the details of the entire departments available in the institutions.

In the particular academic year the details regarding the subjects and the bus facilities and the bus routes will be available, the details which are available in the Student Management System Software can be searched by the categories, the student details can be edited if necessary, the change in the detail of the address or any other particular details if changed can be edited in the School Management System Software. Once fixed the details of the students can be edited or added according to the semester and year, the details like test details, results of the exams can be added to the Student Management System Software and each and every student can check the individual attendance percentage, and they can know their status if they are eligible to attend the end semester examinations.

The students can have the complete details regarding the hostel facilities in the Student profile management, they can take the complete details in few clicks and they are not in the need to communicate with any one regarding the details, they can know their alumni students through this Student profile management, the students are allowed to view and change their password based on their wish. This process makes the high competition in the current world, the system we create is excellent in quality, and it is very ethical the students can attend the courses after knowing completely about the available program.